Friday, December 7, 2012

COVERGIRL Giveaway Winner Announcement

Today is the day! Time to announce the winner of my COVERGIRL Blast Flipstick!!

 And the winner is......

Mike & Jessica!


Congratulations! I was originally going to choose the winner by the best comment, but I had to change it to a random drawing.  Both of the comments were so good and I couldn't choose!  


I am so new to blogging and am learning about how to run giveaways and such.  This time was easy because I was able to pick by writing the names down on a square of paper, crumpling them up, and picking the winner blindly from a bowl, but if this blog gets more popular, I definitely won't be able to do that!! So I've been investigating something called Rafflecopter.  I've been reading a few blogs that use this particular giveaway program, and it looks really cool! So my next giveaway will be done through Rafflecopter. :) Keep on the lookout for that one! I'm thinking I will raffle off some earrings or something else cool.  


 Happy Friday, everyone! Hope it is great for you all!  



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