Sunday, October 28, 2012

So Tired, But Happy

Things are still getting regular around here.  Including my baby boy, apparently.  Last night I was changing N.'s diaper, and I apparently wasn't fast enough.  He has already peed on me a couple of times, but this time, it was POOP! It surprised me so much that I screamed, and I think I scared him. :/  But it was okay; my husband came running, and, after laughing at the sight of me, helped me clean N. up and then rocked him while I went and took my second shower of the day. 

Needless to say, I'm pretty tired.  But, regardless of having all sorts of bodily functions to clean up at any given time, I am so happy.  I had no idea parenthood would be so rewarding, and we have only just begun. 

We went to church today for the first time since N. was born, and it was wonderful! I was able to play in the worship set this morning, and it was so enjoyable.  I had forgotten just how much I missed it! I feel so blessed that God gave me musical talent! And I feel blessed that He has helped me to develop it.  I really didn't know how to play when I started, but after lots of practice, I feel much more confident, and I actually have knowledge of notes and chords and even chord inversions. :)

This is a pretty short post, but thankfully, nothing really TOO crazy has happened this week.  We are just still working on keeping up a routine and I am working on trying to get more rest, instead of trying to tackle a million projects at once.  I will post more soon!


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